January 2017

GIWA's Annual Membership Meeting was held on January 17, 2017.  At the meeting, the membership approved a series of rate increases needed in order for GIWA to secure financing our upcoming wastewater treatment plant rehabilitation, and stay financially sound.

Please see attached Notice of Annual Meeting for further details.

Rainfall and Gallons Sold

The following compares rainfall to gallons sold on the Island:


GIWA's wants to remind everyone to turn off their sprinklers when it rains.  The easiest way to accomplish this is with an automatic rain shutoff device that overrides the irrigation systems when sufficient rain has fallen.
Gasparilla Island Water Association, Inc. (GIWA) is a non-profit membership owned water and sewer utility organized in 1966 through the efforts of the Boca Grande Women's Club.  The members of GIWA are property owners on Gasparilla Island and the Boca Grande Causeway that are connected to GIWA's water and sewer system.

The affairs of GIWA are managed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of nine members of the corporation.  The current Board of Directors are as follows:

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Welcome to GIWA
Robert Heilman, Director
Gap Kovach, Director
Bob Marini, Director
John Merritt, Director
Tom Shaffer, Director
Leslie Diaz, President
Jeff Moore, Vice-President
Mike Holmes, Treasurer   
Susan Spurgeon Secretary

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