April 2019 Update

GIWA’s water withdrawal permit issued by Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) in 2011 includes a requirement that we reduce our daily average water use per person from an average of 176 gallons as follows:

Reduce to 164 gallons per person by December 31, 2014
Reduce to 150 gallons per person by December 31, 2019

The following is a summary of our connections, population, withdrawals and per capita usage for the past four years:

                                                                          2015       2016        2017       2018

Connections at end of year                           1,714        1,721       1,730      1,737
            (Million gallons)                                  1.098        1.108       1.108      1.153

We have been put on notice by SWFWMD that if we do not achieve a 150 gallon per person per day or less water usage, we will be considered for enforcement action.  To prevent enforcement action, we must make every effort to reduce our water usage to achieve the 150 gallons per person per day required by our permit. This would require a reduction of approximately 10% in water usage. 

How can you help lower our water usage?

Last year approximately sixty-five percent of water supplied to the Island was used for outside purposes.  To meet our mandatory reduction, the conservation measure that will have the most impact is a reduction in outside irrigation.  If your irrigation zones currently run forty-five minutes, a 10% reduction reduces the run time by only 4 ½ minutes.

Based on water usage, many members’ irrigation systems are running during the rainy season even when the Island has received significant rainfall.

Install an automatic rain shutoff device that will automatically turn off sprinkler systems during and after rain showers.  They allow the irrigation system to return to its normal watering schedule once the sensor dries out.  Florida law requires that all automatic sprinkler systems be equipped with a rain shutoff device.  This is a simple way to conserve water and save on your water bill.

Rain sensors should be checked before the onset of the rainy season to insure they are working.

Year-Round Watering Restrictions

Landscape watering days and times as detailed below:

Charlotte County
            designated days;
            on any day and at any time;

Lee County (Restrictions regulated by South Florida Water Management District)

Per Capita Water Use
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