Rate Schedule

GIWA produces quality drinking water at a reasonable cost.  The following link details our water and sewer rates that became effective October 1, 2020:  

Water and Wastewater Rate Schedule

As approved by the membership, GIWA's costs to relocate water and sewer mains on the Boca Grande Causeway required for construction of the new bridges was financed with a  capital assessment.  Effective April 1, 2015, only members who were not connected to GIWA's system in April 2011 continue to pay the $20 monthly assessment.  Those members will be charged until they pay a total of $848.

Automatic Bank Draft

You can save time and money by signing up for automatic payments.  Your account will be drafted on the 10th of each month.

If interested, click on the link below and fax your completed application back to GIWA at 941-964-0625.

ACH Authorization Form

Customer Service


GIWA utilizes an emergency communication network provided by CodeRED which allows us to quickly notify our members of an emergency such as a precautionary boil water notice via telephone calls, text and or e-mail messages.  In order for this notification to reach everyone, we need our members to sign up for their preferred methods of notification.  If you have not aleady done so, please follow the link below to sign-up: