Rates and Fees

GIWA produces quality drinking water at a reasonable cost. The following details our water and sewer rates that became effective October 1, 2023:

Water and Wastewater System, Base Charge

RateBase Water RateBase Sewer Rate
Residential 3/4″ Meter$45.70$45.92
Residential 1″ Meter$84.93$45.92
Residential 1-1/2″ Meter$165.57$45.92
Residential 2″$263.63$45.92

Water System Gallonage Charge

Per 1,000 Gallons

ResidentialCurrent Rates
0 – 5,000 Gallons$0.00
6,000 – 15,000 Gallons$9.12
16,000 – 25,000 Gallons$11.43
Over 25,000 Gallons$13.71
General – CommercialCurrent Rates
0 – 5,000 Gallons$0.00
Over 5,000 Gallons$9.12
Irrigation – Commercial & HOA OnlyCurrent Rates
0 – 5,000 Gallons$0.00
6,000 – 15,000 Gallons$11.43
Over 15,000 Gallons$13.71

Wastewater System Gallonage Charge

Per 1000 gallons (Based on Water Consumption)

ResidentialCurrent Rates
0 – 10,000 Gallons (capped at 10,000 Gallons)$8.96
General/CommercialCurrent Rates
All Gallons$8.96

Late Fee

1.70% of Outstanding Balance

Water and Sewer Connection Fee Schedule

Call office for details: (941) 964-2423

Fire Protection Service

Where private fire protection service connections are made to GIWA’s system, GIWA shall have the right to approve the plans for such installation prior to approval of the application for service. GIWA or their authorized representative shall make any connection to the distribution system that is required, and the member shall pay to GIWA the actual cost for making such connection.

GIWA shall have the right to require a compound-type meter for installation in the private fire line if deemed necessary. Waiver of the requirement for installation of a separate meter at the time the connection is made shall not prohibit GIWA from requiring a meter installation at a future date if such installation is warranted in the opinion of GIWA. Any meter required will be supplied and installed by GIWA, with the cost of the meter, together with labor and materials for installation, to be borne by the member.

No other connection for domestic, commercial or industrial use shall be made to any fire service.

As approved by the membership, GIWA’s costs to relocate water and sewer mains on the Boca Grande Causeway required for construction of the new bridges was financed with a capital assessment. Effective April 1, 2015, only members who were not connected to GIWA’s system in April 2011 continue to pay the $20 monthly assessment. Those members will be charged until they pay a total of $848.