Per Capita Water Use

April 2023 Update

GIWA’s water withdrawal permit issued by Southwest Florida Water Management Distric (SWFWMD) includes the requirement of maintaining a daily average water use per person of under 150 gallons a day.

The following is a summary of the usage, population and per capita usage for the last five years:

YearGross Water UseFunctional PopulationCompliance Per Capita

We are operating close to our regulatory mandate. Our per capita calculation is a function of the water used on the island offset by the reclaimed water produced by GIWA’s Water Reclamation Facility which is used by the Gasparilla Inn to irrigate their golf course. In 2023 we were slightly above the required gallons per day per person. Therefore, we need the membership to conserve water whenever possible.

How can you help lower our water usage?

Generally, a substantial portion of the water supplied to the island is used for outside purposes (irrigation). To meet our permit regulatory requirement for per capita water consumption, the conservation measure that will have the most impact is a reduction in irrigation. If your irrigation zones currently run for forty-five minutes, a 10% decrease in the irrigation run time equates to a reduction of only 4 ½ minutes.

Based on GIWA’s historical water flows and usage, many members’ irrigation systems run during the rainy season even when the island receives significant rainfall. Installing an automatic rain shutoff device, that turns off sprinklers during and after rain showers, helps in the conservation endeavor. These devices allow the irrigation system to return to its normal watering schedule once the sensor dries out. Florida law requires that all automatic sprinkler systems be equipped with a rain shutoff device. This is a simple way to conserve water while saving on your water bill.

Rain sensors should be checked before the onset of the rainy season to ensure they are in working order.

Year-Round Water Conservation Measures

If you have any questions please feel free to contact GIWA at 941-964-2423 or email You can also find additional information on how to conserve water by visiting SWFWD at